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Global Leather Industry:

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  • Services Provided
  • Paid advertising
  • video production
  • website creation / development
  • graphic design
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • social media management
  • creative writing service
For this campaign, we have teamed with the global leather industry to launch an international leather consumer awareness campaign. This campaign’s purpose is to bring awareness to the worldwide problem of leather products being replaced by environmentally harmful plastic alternatives.

In order to manage a campaign of this magnitude, our team continuously conducts extensive research and performs advanced trials to determine the most effective advertising methods by region around the world. 
For this campaign, we have created more than 80 custom advertisements that have been promoted worldwide across social media. We are on track to reach more than 1 billion advertising impressions within 3 years of launching this campaign. 
30+ million
impressions per month
website visits per month
ad combinations
per landing page view
per 1000 people reached
For this campaign, we created and developed a custom website “” to educate consumers on issues related to leather. Our advertisements are linked to this website where consumers can engage with key issues, subscribe to our email list, share their stories with us, and more. This website is visited by more than 80,000 consumers around the world each month.
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