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Our mission is to transform marketing through an emphasis on creativity, performance, and transparency.
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You have an average of 2 seconds to capture your audience's attention with an ad. How do you make the most of it? You grab their attention from the very beginning with creativity! Creativity is the key to effective advertising. Our team’s passion for thinking outside of the box infuses awesome ideas into the projects we work on. We specialize in helping each brand we work with stand out from their competition through one of a kind videos, personalized ad campaigns, and so much more!

This highly creative video resulted in local news networks interviewing the Grand Valley Dentistry team


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Paid Advertising: According to a Facebook Marketing Representative, Mythic Media’s advertising analytics rank in the top 1% of all Facebook Ads.
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Video Production: By creating unique and creative content for our clients, we have seen our advertising effectiveness increase by over 300%
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Testing: We don’t just A/B Test… We A->Z Test! Our testing system allows us to perform multifactorial tests simultaneously to maximize advertising efficiency.
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Reach: We have reached over 300 million impressions in the last year through social media


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Advertising agencies are often wasteful, spending your hard-earned money on unnecessary costs. This is unacceptable and your business deserves better.

Mythic Media was founded on the values that honest reporting and consistent communication are essential in building a professional relationship. We prioritize customer service and have developed a client portal with live analytical feeds. So If you like to be hands-on, you are able to track how your campaign is performing 24/7!

Read through our frequently asked questions
Why should I use Mythic Media Instead of a big name marketing agency?

We prioritize high-level customer service to our family of clients which can be hard to find with a big-name marketing agency. We take the time to get to know your unique business and develop a completely customizable and flexible campaign to best meet your needs. Most importantly, we care about seeing your business succeed, as we love to develop long-term relationships with our clients!

What are the most popular services you provide?

Our Most popular services are our Paid advertising campaigns and our customized video packages. We often combine these services as they compliment each other wonderfully!

Paid Advertising - Allows us to utilize our social media expertise to run targeted ad campaigns across social media and reach a large audience of your target market.

Video Creation - Allows our creativity to flourish! We love making highly creative videos that help your brand stand out. Once we team up to make an awesome video of your brand, we offer special promotion strategies such as a news media press release and a social media launch strategy designed to take your business viral in your community.

*Note: We also offer a number of additional marketing services that can be viewed on our services page.

What is the best way to contact Mythic Media if I have a question or inquiry?

Get started by clicking on one of the (Many) “Get Started” buttons found on our website! Once linked to the “Get Started” page, follow the steps to either set up a meeting with our team or email us a question/inquiry.

What platforms does Mythic Media focus on for paid advertising campaigns?

For our paid advertising services, we are able to help your business advertise on Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, Google, YouTube, and LinkedIn. This allows us the flexibility to customize unique campaigns for each client we work with based upon the needs of their business.

What other Marketing Services do you offer?

Our team is highly flexible and can provide you with a wide variety of “other” marketing services such as Hiring Assistance, Website Development, Digital consulting, and much more! Visit our services page to view all of the additional services we offer in our “Add On Marketing Services” section. As always, feel free to schedule a meeting with our team if you have questions regarding the types of services we can provide for your business.

Testimonials from our beloved clients
“Mythic Media advertisements are in the top 1% of all Facebook Ads.”
Facebook Marketing Representative
"We broke our office record for new patient sign-ups the month the video was released and have seen a dramatic increase in the number of phone calls we receive daily."
Grand Valley Dentistry
"Drew and Blake have a unique vision and unique skills - they will quickly become among your most valued providers."
Surface Strike
"It was truly a breath of fresh air to work with this young professional team that would be an incredible business partner for anyone who wants to expand their business!!"
Steve Jeske
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