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How do you improve your business's online presence? This article provides a basic digital roadmap for businesses looking to expand their digital efforts.


Embracing the digital world and all its opportunities has become a crucial identifier for many businesses. Taking your business digital, however, may mean different things to different businesses. To some, this simply means having a basic website, and maybe a social media account or two. To others, this means creating a revolutionary company that leads the charge on the digital front. Wherever on this spectrum your business currently falls, there is always opportunity to take your brands digital presence to the next level. The purpose of this article is to outline a basic digital roadmap for businesses looking to “take their business digital.” 

Many seasoned business owners and executives struggle to embrace the concept of taking their business digital. The idea of developing a comprehensive digital strategy can seem overwhelming to some. If this is you, it may be wise to consider hiring outside assistance to help implement the steps below. Many marketing companies specialize in providing businesses with some or all these services. If your business, on the other hand, is already well established digitally and is just in need of a tune up, then you may only need to focus on one or two of the steps to take your business to the next level.

Your Digital Roadmap

If you are ready to embrace the digital grind, you should start by outlining a rough digital roadmap of everything that needs to be done. The steps below are a general guide meant to help give you guidance as you begin your digital journey.

  1. Digital Marketing Evaluation: The first step to improve your digital strategy is to conduct a thorough digital marketing evaluation. This is something that can be done internally or is often a service that can be hired out to an external marketing agency. Our team at Mythic Media offers a baseline free digital marketing evaluation (click here to receive yours) to help businesses get started. We offer this free service to encourage businesses to prioritize what is often considered to be a “tedious step.” This step may seem tedious but is imperative for identifying areas of focus and leads to effective alignment of vision in your digital strategy
  2. Digital Marketing Strategy: Once you’ve conducted a thorough digital marketing evaluation, you can then use what you’ve learned to develop a digital marketing strategy based upon the findings of this evaluation. This strategy should be actionable and should include the steps necessary to implement it.
  3. Optimizing Your Website: Optimize your website so that it becomes your leading sales team. A highly effective website should sell your business by creating a sales funnel. This sales funnel should be entertaining, educational, and should culminate in an efficient landing page that explains your products/services. Ultimately, your website must encourage consumers to take some sort of “action” that benefits your business. Finding creative ways to motivate this key “action” can make or break the success of your website. 
  4. Social Media Growth: Creating and organically growing entertaining social media accounts on key platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, among others is a major opportunity to expand your reach beyond traditional markets. Your social media accounts should align with your brand to bring credibility and help your business reach new audiences. 
  5. Content and Media Production: If you’re going to have an awesome website and an innovative social media presence, you will need to develop consistent content to post to your audience. The content you produce should be creative and should grab your audience’s attention within three seconds. You also have the option of supplementing your content by reusing content found on social media as long as credit is given to its rightful owner. Developing a strategy to create and find entertaining content will be vital for taking your digital presence to the next level. 
  6. Paid Advertising Campaign: Once your website and social media accounts are in place, a paid advertising (PPC) campaign on social media is a great way to bring more eyes to your business’s products and services. Implementing a paid advertising strategy will work to drive consumers to the sales funnel you have already created in the previous steps. Paid advertising can be done on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google, LinkedIn, and more (Click here to learn more about paid advertising).


Each individual business’s digital strategy and implementation will likely follow its own unique path. It is of utmost importance to take the necessary time and assess where there are strategic opportunities for growth. Once a thorough evaluation is completed, the corresponding strategy should work to address needs and build a foundation for long term digital success. The roadmap above is not meant to discuss every possible option for digital growth, rather, is meant to provide some basic guidance to businesses looking to enhance what they are already doing.